Biomass Heating For North Wales

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With thousands of acres of forestry land in North Wales, Biomass heating systems are the way forward to support local economic growth and a sustainable source of fuel.



Wood fuel is a locally available source of energy with many benefits to supporting rural economies.  Net carbon emissions can be reduced compared to fossil fuels such as oil and gas and sustain local employment in remote areas.

Modern woodfuel combustion technologies are clean and efficient, the carbon produced by burning wood is offset against the carbon absorbed by the tree during its life.  Modern biomass systems can be designed to run on logs, wood chip, or pellets and designed to meet the needs of individual properties, or large commercial buildings.  Chip and pellet boilers are fully automated to replace conventional boilers with the minimum amount of effort.

With rising prices of fossil fuels, switching to woodfuel can reduce fuel bills and offer a reliable source of locally produced fuel, so your money goes back into the local area instead of to a large international company.

So long as forests are sustainably managed, woodfuel provides a renewable source of energy.  There are acres of sustainably managed woodlands in North Wales to contribute to a clean energy economy.

I have met with local biomass installers and suppliers of woodfuel recently to gain a better understanding of installation processes and requirements.  With the Renewable Heat Incentive offering commercial sites good financial rewards, wood fuel in Wales is off to a flying start.

If you would like more information on biomass energy systems, or a feasibility study to switch to biomass, contact Snowdonia Hydro for an objective point of view on renewable heating systems and supply of locally sourced wood fuel.


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