Biomass with Egnisco

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Biomass boilers can provide all your hot water and space heating demands at a price per kWh that beats any of the conventional methods.
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At 2.9p/kWh wood chip is currently the cheapest fuel source on the market.



I recently spent the day at Egnisco head quarters near Welshpool, talking to Director Stephen Drummond about biomass projects in Wales.  With the Renewable Heat Incentive making it financially attractive for businesses to make the change to green power, wood chip has never been such a hot topic.  According to the Biomass Energy Centre (2013) wood chip , at 2.9p has the lowest price per kWh of any heating fuel.  So it’s only a matter of time before more rural businesses realise biomass could be the answer they have been looking for.

Sourcing fuel for a heating system can feel like a big commitment, in many places the reliability of a biomass system will be linked to the supply of good quality fuel.   Egnisco have created a solution to this by producing wood chip on site, which means they can offer a constant, local and reliable source of chip to their customers.

The company have already invested in solar electricity to contribute to the running of the business and are in the process of reinstating the old mill race into a state of the art, low head hydro system.  Obviously the heating and hot water is catered for by a wood chip biomass boiler, pictured above, making Egnisco a shining example of how all our businesses should be powered.

All of my clients have a diverse range of energy needs, so I have teamed up with Egnisco to offer detailed feasibility studies on wood fuel heating systems.   To find out more about biomass and whether it’s right for you, please contact Amanda Forman on 07513 950 525.


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