A ‘casualty’ of the course

In January the team at Snowdonia Hydro undertook a two day REC emergency outdoor first aid course with Snowdonia First Aid to gain skills extremely relevant to our hill-based and sometimes very remote line of work in North-West Wales.

Misty valleys near Llanberis

Leaving Tywyn early meant we were able to experience the stunning scenery of the area as the day dawned bright and sunny with freezing mist in the bottom of the valleys near Llanberis.

This short trip was a positive start to the new year which came after the disappointing news of the unexpectedly large cuts to the the Feed-in Tariff in mid December 2015 which have hit the hydro industry hard. We have decided to face this challenge head on however with a view to extending our skills base further, providing an even better service.

The course itself has made us much more confident with the idea of having to deal with emergency first aid when help might be a long time coming and of course the views weren’t bad either!


Llyn Padarn at sunrise
Llyn Padarn at sunrise





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