Hydro-Electric Consultancy


Hydro electricity is arguably the most reliable of the renewable technologies, but it can also be the most complex, so good consultancy is key to every project.  Hydro power has a strong history in the UK with excellent engineering and a reliable supply of water.   Today, we need to navigate the impact of modern day living and create systems which are capable of working alongside the national grid, environmental legislation, local planning systems and Feed-In Tariff (FIT) requirements.

Snowdonia Hydro offers feasibility studies and consultancy for a range of projects, we can also refer your project within out network of professional engineers if there are specific skills and requirements to the person with the most experience in the relevant sector.



Most hydro schemes in the UK require the following licenses:

To successfully get the complete set of licenses granted for a hydro scheme, there are a number of surveys, reports and technical designs which must come together to satisfy the requirements.  This takes an average of 12 months for each project.

Please fill out our contact form with us much detail about your hydro project ideas as possible, and we will let you know how we can help you.

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