Peniarth Estate Hydro

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Set in the beautiful countryside of Snowdonia National Park this micro hydro system will generate clean energy with little impact on it’s environment.



As we move steadily onwards Peniarth Hydro looks set to continue this summer with a new turbine from another manufacturer (details to be confirmed).  The installation work was delayed because of issues with the supply of the turbine and we are hoping for progress to continue again throughout Spring and Summer 2013 without too many more delays!

There are so many people to consult and work with on a hydro project, including bespoke hydro engineers,  electrical engineers, the District Network Operator (DNO), Planning Authority and Environment Agency it is not surprising most projects take a minimum of 2 years to complete.  However the benefits will far outweigh the hard work with a constant and reliable source of carbon zero electricity to offset those rising fuel bills.

This grand Estate house will be moving into the 21st century by embracing the world of renewable energy and securing it’s future for another 400 years.


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