Smart Meter technology

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The government is currently pushing energy suppliers to install smart meters in every home in England, Wales and Scotland with an end goal of 2020. This is part of measures to upgrade the UK’s energy supply and tackle climate change. The roll out of Smart Meters is predicted to give households more control over the energy that they use and also a greater understanding of the bills received.
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Smart Meter technology has been acknowledged by many to be a crucial step towards the smart energy grid – a more modern way of running the energy network, linking different hardware, communications and other technology. Dubbed ‘an internet for gas and electricity’ with the potential to solve many energy problems.

In a nutshell Smart Meters will:

Better match supply and demand
Be more efficient
Be greener
Waste less energy
Be more secure
Be more reliable
And unexpected power-outages will be tracked more quickly
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The use of Smart Meters is also predicted to provide more support to green technologies as it will be much better at integrating them and will help to get the most from variable power sources such as wind and solar as well as the more constant source of hydroelectricity.

For more information on Smart Meters check out Smart Energy GB, link below:

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